Why You Should Re-Key Your House

Some problems with lost keys and the thought of rekeying the whole house cross your mind. Or you have found out that anytime you got out, at the moment you arrived home there are some missing things that cannot be found anywhere. Whatever the reason you have to rekey your dwelling, it has been proved that this one of the most effective way to avoid being the victim of crime in your neighbor and also keep your family sound and safe.

But there are other reasons to rekey your whole doors and some of them are:}

1. Moving into a new house

A big step in life is finding a new place to live; and when finally you have found it, there are some aspects to take into consideration. It does not matter if the house you are acquiring is new, used or rental, the need of changing keys has to be made. Depending on the time the house has been in the market, you have no clue about who can have a copy of the place. This has to be done mostly with used or rental houses. So it is mandatory to replace all keys to avoid any further problems

2. After making home improvements or repairs

Your home needs to be fixed or some improvements are finally taking place. But you cannot be home all day; you have to go to work. So you leave your keys to the contractors doing the repairing or improvements at home. Even if you trust them, they sometimes hire other people to do certain specific jobs without notifying you. Your home keys are vulnerable and pass from hand to hand and there is no certainty about who would have made a copy of them.

As soon as the job is done, the keys must be replaced immediately in order to avoid any future problems with your property.

3. You are single again or recently divorced

Long time in a relationship and, all the sudden, it ended overnight. No matter how amicable the situation is with you ex-spouse or significant other, it is always better to rekey. Since those extra keys can be lost, misplaced or taken by a stranger; it is a security issue to rekey your house after ending any sort of relationship.

4. You or a family member lost the keys.

Mentioned above, this is the primary reason for a complete rekeying of the house.
People tend to forget where the keys are placed, or just they felt from the pocket or from the purse. The scenario can get worse if keys were stolen. It not a good idea to put the keys in a bag or purse along with all important identification documents – such as ID card or a Driver’s License – which can give a hint of your address.
Whatever the circumstances, there is no idea about what kind of person has taken those keys and what is the intention this being would have. No positive thinking would be enough, in this situation it better be safe than sorry. So the rekey of your entire home is advisable.

5. Someone did not return an extra key.

Renting a room would be a good way to generate an extra income to house or personal expenses; but when the contract is over or breached for any unspecific reason, it is necessary to ask back for the extra key provided at the beginning of the agreement. In case that the key or keys are not returned, the rekeying of the locks should be necessary, especially on those cases when strong arguments tend to disrupt the covenant. In case of a worker in charge of certain departments and with access to the keys of the company, it is necessary to rekey the locks of that department and other related to the functions executed by this employee. This sort of action must be taken at the exact moment when the person leaves the residence or the office.

6. Things at home start to go missing.

For unexplained reasons you start to see small objects and other home stuff getting vanished regularly. Although there would be several explanations (an angry relative or some noisy neighbors), the most common reason is that someone has taken possession of your house key and is having illegal access to your place. Whatever the reason for this happens to be, the changing of the key locks is recommendable to stop this vanishing valuables.

7. Possess too many keys

The possession of many keys would be bothersome, but it is something easy to solve. Rekeying your locks to function with one single key is the step to take and there will not be any further problem trying to open the front or any room door. By doing such replacement of keys, time would be save at the moment of opening or closing any door and money at the moment of getting a copy of the single key.

8. Locks are hard to open

Although not a security issue, but more a convenience one, old door locks can be hard to deal at the moment of closing or opening them. They can even get broken. If the situation is taking place is a good idea to replace the locks with new ones. The new locks will provide a sense of calm when the door is locked safely after a very long time.

9. Looking for an upgrade

Old locks tend to be insecure and easy to be broken and your house valuables can certainly be stolen. New stronger locks are offered in the market and the new key in your key holder will provide with the security you used to have with the old lock.

10. Too many people having keys to your house.

When family, relatives or even close neighbors are required to take care of your house for vacation or business trips, your keys could be copied and, even you trust them very deeply, the possibilities that those keys can be handed by some unknown people is somehow high. So if you travel frequently, rekey your place any time you return to it after your professional or pleasure trip. And you can trust your home again to that person with a new set of keys or just a single key.

Taking into account any of the reasons described above, there will be a peaceful state of mind and a sense of security will be increased in your residence.


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